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    Natural Gas Heater
    Kingfer Industrial Co., Ltd. Located in Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province,Kingfer Industrial Co.,Ltd is a
    professional Manufacturer engaging in heat product.
    Covered total 10,000 sq.m,Kingfer own three automatic production lines,with annual output over300,000 heaters per year.Kingfer have developed all range of heater product,including Catalytic Heater,
    Patio Heater,Electric Heaters,Blue Flame Heater and Ceramic Infrared Heater etc.All of them have obtained


    Kingfer have formed and integrated with R&D,production and sales,and always committed to increasing our

    competitiveness in quality control,manufacturing as well as research and development.

    Since 2002,we concentrate on the oversea market developing and building up the strategic cooperative

    relationships with some main leading companies from Europe,South Africa,Mid-East,

    South America and other 35 countries.

    Highly valuing and honoring our relationships with customers,we focus on continuously improving our

    products and services.

    Kingfer-Your Mr Heater!
    Copyright(C)2020-2021 KINGFER INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMTED

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